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A while back I bought a new gas BBQ, early May 2011,.
I was excited to get it because the old one was well old, it didn’t work quite right, and one side was too hot the other side was too cool.
So looked around and found one that the wife and I liked (read I liked),
We found it at our local Independent Grocer, it was a bit more expensive that I originality thought, but what the hell, why not.
Mr. Brown and his staff were great when my wife went to buy it; I was worried of how to get this huge box home, no problem they delivered it for free! Great customer service!
The next morning the the fun began! I was excited; I got up early put the coffee on so I would be ready to tackle the mammoth task of assembly!
I started by un packing and getting myself organized with all the parts set up so there would be a little confusion as necessary, it took me a while to get it assembled including a trip to a local fastener store to replace a couple of screws that I lost when the fell beneath the decl.
(Note to self next time put down a tarp to catch stray screws.)
While I was putting my new “Q” together I discovered that some parts were missing, namely two drawers that were AWOL.
No problem I can finish the rest and call the 1-800 help line and the friendly people will be more than willing to help, because hey these things happen, someone is having a bad day and missies putting two 5 x 8x 14 inch drawers in to the box!
Well I called the 1-800 number, busy, called again, busy, it took several tries over two days to finally get a voice mail that said “some one will get back to you in 24 hours”.
Nope it took them 3 days, in the mean time I called Mr Brown the owner of the Independent Grocer who was horrified by the lack of service that I was receiving, and attempted to contact the supplier at Shinerich Industries. Mr. Brown was able to give me an email address wich I did sed my concerns to on May 10 2011.
Dear Marshall, we just bought a Present Choice 750000 btu bbq from our local Independent Grocer.
And when I was unpacking it I found that I and short 2 of the 3 drawers that are paert of the BBQ.
I tryed calling the 1800 help number but all I get is voice mail.
How do I get the missing parts?
Thanks for you help

Well Yesterday I got a response back from Shinerich Industries, yesterday August 10 2011.
Hello Dwight,

I was just clearing up some emails and found yours. I’d like to touch base to make sure that your issues were resolved?

Please let me know, if you still need the drawers let me know and supply your address for shipping.

Thank you


So I wrote Marshall back.
3 Months?
Your kidding right?
Yes I got the missing parts for my BBQ , but only after several call to your so called 1800 service number that was busy.
When I was finally able to leave 3 voice mails. and got a call back 3 days later.
I seem to remember the voice mail saying someone would get back to me in 24 hours, ya right, just like it takes 3 months to respond to a customer service email.
I did get the missing parts, the girl who called kindly shipped them next day express.
I do have height praise for the staff and owner of Browns Independent Grocer . Mr Brown was mortified by the “service” I had received.
They tried to help but were as frustrated by the lack of communication as I was.
I was glad I had to call in a licensed gas fitter, (these people are not cheep) to hook up my new BBQ, as we found several gas leaks that were found on the “factory installed” parts, good thing I didn’t try to light it! (do you have quality control?)
The only reason that I didn’t return the BBQ was I was too tired and had put too much money and energy in to it.
I have to say after all of that it works good.
Next time I’ll take the extra $400 I ended up spending and get a Napoleon grill.
I hope that answers you questions.
Have a great day
Cudos to Me Brown and his staff for trying to help, but Shinerich, well you kinda suck
Think I was too snarky?
Love to hear what you think!