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PostHeaderIcon I’m a skeptic, so what?

I’m a skeptic

So I created a bit of a shit storm the other night on Facebook when I made the statement about A&Es TV show Psychic Kids for not being real and the fact that psychics are not real.

This got few people upset and I was told I didn’t understand, things aren’t always black and white and I just have to believe, and was also call a “non believer”

But the thing is I want to believe, I just want some proof, what’s wrong with  wanting evidence?

Like I said on Facebook, I would love to talk to friends and family that have passed on; it would be wonderful to talk to my father.

To be able to tell him all the things I wish I had said before he died, I would love to have him talk to me and know how proud he would be of me and perhaps solve a few problems we had.

Funny thing is if he could my father would be a surprised as I!

You see my father taught me to be skeptical.

People think that if you are a skeptic you are out to dismiss things, to debunk, to turn a blind eye to the evidence.

To quote Dr. Micheal Shermer: “Skepticism is not a position; it’s a process.”

Brian Dunning  of skeptoid.com hits the nail on the head when he says;

“Skepticism is, or should be, an extraordinarily powerful and positive influence on the world. Skepticism is not simply about “debunking” as is commonly charged. Skepticism is about redirecting attention, influence, and funding away from worthless superstitions and toward projects and ideas that are evidenced to be beneficial to humanity and to the world.

The scientific method is central to skepticism. The scientific method requires evidence, preferably derived from validated testing. Anecdotal evidence and personal testimonies generally don’t meet the qualifications for scientific evidence, and thus won’t often be accepted by a responsible skeptic; which often explains why skeptics get such a bad rap for being negative or disbelieving people. They’re simply following the scientific method.”

Skepticism also comes down to one simple fact, If you are making extraordinary claims, you better have extraordinary evidence to back it up.

And if you have that evidence let’s put it to the test, let’s see that it really works, because if  we have proof, I’ll be the first one shouting “Its true its true!”

That’s the great thing about science; you test it and take it apart and you find out how it works and what you can do , and if someone else comes along with a different idea we can test that too to see if Im wrong or right!

Being skeptical is not the same as being cynical, I will change my mind, given the right evidence I’ll say that black is white!

The other important thing you need to know if you call you self a skeptic, is to have your evidence, you hae to make sure you facts are right and you can back them up.

It’s easy for me to say I have a tiny invisible pink unicorn that sits on my shoulder, but I have to prove it to convince you. I have to show evidence that can be tested and proven true or false, it is really that simple. Show me the evidence.

That’s all Im asking for.