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If you ever want to get inspired just look around you.
I did that today while I was in class and I realized there are people here that are doing something phenomenal, they are going back to school.
Ok I know that sounds simple, and to a degree it is, just go back to school show up and do the work, it’s not like we’re in high school; this is the real deal and dam hard. That’s what you get when you take a two year course and cram it in to 8 months!
Some days I wonder what the hell I’ve gotten myself into?!
These are people who have families to take care of, jobs to do and in some cases traveling two hours to get to school, one way!
And why are they doing this? To better themselves, to get a better job, to improve their lives.
None of these people have to be here, they chose to be here, and trust me this is no pick nick, and this is really requiring some very hard work, anyone who was around last few weeks and saw my remarks on Twitter about medical terminology and the digestive system knows what Im talking about
Now Im sure they could have just sat back and taken any old job, you know ,just make ends meet, go in and do your hours and take your pay , but for whatever reason they have taken the hard road, or perhaps I should say the high road.
Even out teacher who left a 20 year career to star a new career to teach us how to be good lab tecs, I‘m not sure if she’s crazy ,brave or both, talk about a leap of faith!
So I guess we’ll are going for the big win so to speak, ok I know that sounds corny but think about it, we do so many things the easy way these days, microwave your dinner, express checkout ,ATM banking, fast food, if there is a quick and easy to do things we as humans will find it , I do believe it is in our DNA, by the way I learned what DNA stands for but don’t ask me to pronouns it , I just get tongue tied.
But these folks are doing it the hard way, and dam that impresses the hell out of me!
Like I said they could have taken the easy way out, but didn’t, that really does say a lot.
Impressive and inspiring to boot!