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PostHeaderIcon Just a rock

There is this large rock in the field behind my house, I believe its call an erratic and if I remember my grade12 geology correctly, an erratic is a large rock or bolder that is left behind after a glacier has moved on by , I guess this one was left by the last ice age that came through here.
I see this rock every day ,any time I look out the window of my home office, and right now it is covered by a bunch of little kids.
The rock is only 4 feet hight , and maybe 12 feet long 6 wide, but to them its a great place to run and climb, and play around, I watch them and I wounder what is going on in their minds, is it a pirate ship, are they climbing the Himalayas, digging for treasure? Or is it just the simple joy of climbing a big rock?
There are a lot of people that walk the path by that rock , and soon or later every one climbs up on the rock, dogs and cats too.
The kids have it right , having fun with the simple things in life, you don’t need any fancy gear or even shoes to climb th rock, it’s just a fun thing to do.
I think at times we all start to loose our selves in the complexity of this very complex world we live in , don’t get me wrong , I love this life,the many layers and choices and options that we have , just go to my grocery store , there are at least 8 different apples and 6 kinds of tomatoes, its nice to have complexity at times, keeps things interesting.
But there are times I just need something simple, and I forget how much fun just climbing a rock can be, I guess thats what I learn looking out my window.
When life gets too complicated and there are too many choices to make , go climb a rock, I truly believe that the 5 and 6 year olds have the right idea.
Climb a rock, have cookies and milk then have a nap.
Sounds like a good day to me .
That could solve a lot of problems.Out my window