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PostHeaderIcon Let sleeping cats lie

Coco's new place for after noon naps

Coco's new place for after noon naps

So its been one of those dark and raining days , the cats are sleeping in the studio so its best not to move them , that way they stay quiet and I record a show with out interruption by them, at least I hope so , perhaps choice of music this time around will let them snooze on…TO LISTEN CLICK HERE!

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PostHeaderIcon This little piggy


So “they” have coined the term swine flu, bit WHO wants the media to call it H1N1, ok I understand this ,don’t want to blame the pigs for something they haven’t done, but I know people will now buy less pork ,so the price will fall, and I can get the ribs I love for less, I like it .
Ok I know I’m being silly but the above makes about as much sense as some of the  reporting I have heard in the media.
I saw  an interesting piece on the news tonight where the talk was of how the media needs to “make “a storey.
Christopher Waddell said it the best on the news tonight  on CTV Ottawa “the marketing strategy  of the media is to find big events and to keep them going as long as possible, to make that mole hill into a mountain” But the best line to me was, ” The demands of the media out grow the facts of medicine.”
Well well imagine that, the media would  stretch things to the point that things may get out of hand, go figure.
Ok so I am a bit of a cynical bastard, but at what point will the media take responsibility and report the facts, with no elaboration or crack pot theories but the right proper facts.
Perhaps it is too late and we are all doomed, doomed to a media that is more interested in the hype , ratings and the bottom line rather than making sure that people have the right information they need to make the decisions that they will need to make.
Now I’m  not saying  not  to take N1H1 seriously and treat it lightly, but don’t give in to the media hype, this could be a serious  threat , or it could be just another bad flu that kills a few people.
Good old fashioned flu, the one you get shots for , at least you should , according to the CDC “An estimated 100,000 hospitalizations and about 20,000 deaths occur each year from the flu or its complications”(Focus On The Flu: NIAID)
So where is the media on this one? I guess its just not sexy enough. “Keep digging that mole hill boys, the mountain  needs to be higher!”
Get the facts , don’t panic, and do what you mother told you to do , wash your hands and cover you mouth when you cough.
And enjoy the BBQ ribs.

PostHeaderIcon You’ve got the right to be stupid!

stupid-people-shut-up-c11751586“Endowed with a stupidity which by the least little stretch would go around the globe four times and tie.” Mark Twain

You have the right to free speech so I guess you have the right to be stupid.
Yep you have the right to be an ignorant moron and piss people off and make you self look like a total tool.
Think about it, we have in this day and age a vast mass of tools for communication, that lets us get our ideas out there to the world, we can keep in touch with just about anyone any where on this planet.
Email , texting Facebook ,Twitter and many others, but more and more what is being sent is just stupid stuff, and worse, insults and threats are not uncommon in chat rooms ,emails text messaging , and and its not just “stupid kids” its adults as well and at times are the worst!
I was going to say well educated adults but I believe if you have to lower yourself to school yard name calling and bullying I don’t consider you to be educated , nor intelligent.
Case in point, I have seen recently how some people have taken to lashing out on the Face Book page of a relative who had passed away in the past year., they are not confronting their target directly ,no they are using the Facebook page of the deceased .
Stupid cowardly moron.
You may have bitter feelings with other family members but to put that on you late relatives Facebook page, wow no respect at all, and shows a lack of intelligence.
The scary thing is this is not that uncommon, scary.
No I should have said stupid ,any one can curse or use name calling and out right lie in an attempt to get their point across, but what ends up happening is you just look like some moronic slob, opps name calling, but you get my point.
There used to be a time when insulting someone was a hight art, where you had to use your brain and whit.
Shakespeare was great at this rather than calling some one a f**k face you could say “Tine face is not worth sunburning”. If they just yap and yap and never say any thing, give them , ‘I wish my horse have the speed of you mouth!”
Or better yet why not just have a reasonable conversation , with out the name calling and the profanity, use common sense?
My wife and friends know that when I’m really and truly pissed off , I don’t curse I don’t raise my voice, I become very calm and very articulate , I make sure the other person gets my point exactly.
So what is the point of all this rambling?
Simple, we as society that can reach out and connect with any one any where, should take the time to think be for we speak out minds, rather that just spewing out crap, that way you may just get your point across without looking like a moron.

PostHeaderIcon A slight hickup

I guess this is what happens when you try to rush things.
My going back to school has been delayed a bit , looks like I’ll be going in June, I’ll know more tomorrow.
I guess because I didn’t have my paper work finalized I lost my place in the April class so now I have to wait a bit.
This just might be a blessing disguise, I have this nagging feeling that my application for the Second Career program may need some more work, is so i now will have the time to take care of it .
So all in all I’m not too worried, just a hick up , we shall just have to take things one step at a time.

PostHeaderIcon So whats the big deal?

Really whats all the fuss about?
So a bunch of atheists want to put an ad on a city bus , but Ottawa city council has received 4, yes 4 complaints.
Oh my we don’t want to upset any one!
Give me a break, whats so wrong with saying that god doesn’t exist!
While others are saying that their god is the only god and everyone else is are wrong.
So who’s right? And does it really mater?
So now the city lawyers have told the city its a mater of free speech , so if they had refused the city could be going to court, can’t have that!
So now there will be ads on buses that will read “There’s probably no God, now stop worrying and enjoy your life”
Whats so wrong with that?

It truly is a tempest in a teapot.

PostHeaderIcon Verry scarry kiddies!

Want to get scared? Do you like being scared?
Well I have done something today that , well , quite frankly scares the shit out of me.
I decided to go back to school, full time, honestly!
Yep that’s scary.
Ok I’ll start from the beginning ,I got laid off in early December, I was enjoying the work, nothing fancy , but honest work that I felt good about at the end of the day, and best of all it payed a fare wage and it was only 2.k kilometers form home, that’s about a 5 minute drive, 8 if I had to deal with traffic . So me one very happy boy.
Then the economy tanked , shit happens, and you know how it is , last in first out.
So I was out of work , OK now what ? Time to go to the government, Employment Insurance office , hey why not.
I’ve payed my taxes and the insurance premiums , so I’m going to take advantage of anything they can help me with ,why not, that’s what they’re there for, like I said I pay my taxes.
So I found out that the Ontario government has a program called “Second Career”.
It helps folks like me get the skills to get a job in a field is in demand, oh like medical lab tec , for example.
So that’s what got me scared and excited, I haven’t been in school in 26 years!
Holy crap!
So now I have to go get the paper work filled out and sign my life away, but I things may just become a little less scary and more exiting,
I’ll let you know how things work out as I go along.

PostHeaderIcon A thank you note

Do you give blood?
If so I want to thank you .
I know that may sound cliché , but what else can you say to someone who has taken the time to do a very simple task that makes such a big difference.
You see my mother is going thought cancer , she is having a very tough time of it right now, so much so she had to be hospitalized the other day, pretty serious stuff, and more than a bit scary.
So far she has received two units of whole blood and I’m sure there will be more to follow.
Funny thing , I could almost see her color get better as the blood went into her, perhaps it was my imagination as a concerned son wanting his mother to get better , but you never know.
The plane and simple fact is that some one took the time to donate blood, they could have done it for any number of reasons, the reasons are important but the fact that you took the time to donate ,gives my mother a fighting chance, and her family hope.
To those who haven’t thought of giving blood, did you know that you can donate not only whole blood, you can also donate , plasma , platelets , stem cells and even bone marrow.
I am a blood , and platelet donor I have my reasons, and now I have one more, some one took the time to help my mother, now perhaps I will be able to do the same, yes I know its cliché, but some time life is.
Thank you for taking the time to care, I owe you .

PostHeaderIcon The year thats was, now on to better times!

This past year I will look back on with some good times, and will wish to forget the rest.
Most of the year was uneventful, but there was enough crap to put a serious downer in it at other times.
We lost our dear friend Melissa, too young too soon, her loss will be felt for a long time. But her family has had the blessings of a lot of good friends and family, that will see them thought the hard times, the pain will pass but the love will always remain.
We also found out that three of my family members have cancer, so far all are doing well but I have to say with my aunt it was touch and go for a bit , that’s why now I think I will start calling her the “Cat”, I strongly believe that she has used up one or two of her nine lives.
My mother was diagnosed with lung cancer , used to be that would have been a death sentence, but when she went to the doctor the used the word “cure” , doctors they don’t use that word easily.
My poor mother , she has stared chemotherapy and radiation therapy , and is losing her hair and feeling very tired, but she is a tough old bird, she will fight this like nothing else, having been on the receiving end of that anger when I have done something wrong, that tumor docent stand a chance.
I took her last Saturday to get a wig, I felt so bad when she had her head shaved to remove the last of her hair, poor thing, she looked so pitiful, don’t tell her that , I’ll just get in more trouble, that woman doesn’t feel sorry for her self at all!I have to give a big thanks to Helen at Alluring and Chic, she was the one that fitted mom with her new hair, and did a fantastic job, so much so I’m thinking of getting one for my self! (I said I am thinking about it !)
She had also helped my aunt out as well, and did a great job of it.
Last but never least in my family cancer trifecta, is my father in law, got to say I love this man, he’s 87 years old , walks two miles a day , and is a sharp as a whip. My wife may disagree with me ,but us fellows have got to stick together, be sides, I like it when he brings me books, Rockey just loves browsing the used book stores, and if you tell him who you like to read , the next time you see him he will have a bag of books for you, it drives my wife nuts! But hes a good man.
Well he found out he had to get a kidney removed, hads a tumor in it ,so he had it taken out last weekend, just like that ! No muss no fuss, we went to see him at the hospital the day after and he looked like he was ready to go home and go for a long walk. Not a tube or IV bag in site, not too bad for an 87 year old.
I hope I’m in that good of shape at that age.
We also got to have some fun this year , I got a new car , and I got to drive that new car quite a lot this past summer and fall, went to Kingston for PAB 2007, went to Coopers town, and got to drive up Mount Washington, ok the wife didn’t like that at all but I was thrilled, one hell of a view!

I also was finally able to quit my old job
WOO HOO!, you know the one I was always complaining about, (the one with all the security cameras) . No more long drives home, sitting and hour or two in traffic, yep my new job was great ! It was close to home, the work was interesting I got to listen to my iPod, I was treated like an adult! I say”was”, because I got laid off three weeks before Christmas, bummer, but that the way the cookie crumbles, actually it really sucks and I am bitter, and I think I “may” have a right to feel that way, ok maybe for a bit it could have been worse.
So now I’m looking to star a new career , not sure what it will be but I’m open to suggestions,.
Perhaps I’ll become a new media ,podcasting consultant ( Thats a bit if an inside joke, right Bob and Mark?)
Well thats about it, we, (my wonderful wife, who puts up with my ramblings and ravings) and I are hoping to have better year next year, we shall be taking it as it comes, because, really thats all you can do, the universe will do what it wants and we’re all just along for the ride ,oh and try to have as much fun as you can!
Be Cool!

PostHeaderIcon Just another snowy day

Its Tuesday December 9th, my second full day of being unemployed, I really did want to get down to the EI (Employment Insurance)Office, but it snowed today.
Well we are having a bit if a winter storm, and the roads were pretty crappy, but the fact that it took over an hour to go from my home to Bells Conner’s. Usually this drive takes less than 10 minutes, perhaps 20 in rush hour, I figured it would take me an hour and a bit to get to the EI office, but I gave up. Yep I had enough, hell is just about 8pm and its still snowing, guess I know what I’m doing when I get up tomorrow morning ( Hint I will be using a great gas powered device!)
So I will try for round two tomorrow.
One of my biggest fears is that my last employer terminated my employment,not laid me off, that’s the phrase used on my record of employment, “terminated” , but the HR lady made it clear to me it was a lay off, so what the hell didn’t they just say so!
So I’m a bit concerned about that, it s not like I’m not trying to get a job and just take advantage of the system , sit on my ass for a year and collect money for noting.
But I would like to take advantage of any kind of retraining or education program that I may be entitled to, just saying.
Well like I said , I will try again tomorrow, got to make sure Ive got the iPod loaded, I fear it may be a long day.
Oh well at least I got the Christmas tree up today.

PostHeaderIcon Timing is everything.

Ok ,you know how “they ” say timing is everything?
Well from my point of view can agree with that.
Let me explain, I just got laid off, yep ,Friday December 5th was my last day at a job I loved , for many reasons including I got to work with people who are smart and it only took me five minutes to get to work and I got to work with lasers, cool.
So the timing thing, try this on for size, this month , we have Christmas, my mother, aunt and father in law are all undergoing treatment for cancer and I have lost my job and there are a few other things that have been an ongoing challenge for the past year, like I said it’s all in the timing, in this case bad timing.
Wow I do sound a bit whiny and bitter and perhaps I just might have a right to be , if this happened to any one else I know I would not begrudge one bit for feeling bitter, I know I am!
So the timing is the shit, nothing I can do about that , and if you want to give advice about karma or astrology or phen shy (maybe my desk is not facing the right way?)You may have to cover you ears when I give you the reality check.
What has happen in my life is totally out on my hands, bad timing is just that bad timing, bad luck, its that same as when you have good timing and good luck , same coin different side.
So I figure I have a choice, or choices, I can sit around and blame my bad luck and bad timing on whatever , Ok I can blame the economy, but again that’s just the way it is.
Or I can take advantage of a nice break to help those in my family who need an extra hand and also see what else is out there I can take advantage of to help me get in to a better job market.
So we shall see , It could have been worse.
The one big bummer was I was finally eligible for stock options (sigh)