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PostHeaderIcon Big yellow toys!

Well I do have to kick my self in the ass, why? Go ahead ask, I’ll wait………….
(Go ahead ask!)…………………………..
I got to play with one of these, and I didn’t have a camera, and I didn’t have my recorder!
(Sound of head banging on table)
We were up in Lanark today , had to go to church and meet the minister, and take my future in laws out to lunch, to celebrate there 57th wedding anniversary , pretty cool eh! I hope I can last half that time.
So any how we did a bunch of running around stuff to do for the wedding, and we ended up at my future missus’ cousin’s (who is making her wedding dress). This cousin has a gravel pit, so, since I can’t see the dress before the day, I got to go play in the pit with her son and a BIG Volvo loader.
It was fun , but I now know why the guys that drive these things get paid what they do.
Easy to drive but hard to do right, you really need a light touch.
I just wish I had my recorder!
Could have made a great show!
That will teach me a lesson.
Always have your equipment with you !

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