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PostHeaderIcon So whats the big deal?

Really whats all the fuss about?
So a bunch of atheists want to put an ad on a city bus , but Ottawa city council has received 4, yes 4 complaints.
Oh my we don’t want to upset any one!
Give me a break, whats so wrong with saying that god doesn’t exist!
While others are saying that their god is the only god and everyone else is are wrong.
So who’s right? And does it really mater?
So now the city lawyers have told the city its a mater of free speech , so if they had refused the city could be going to court, can’t have that!
So now there will be ads on buses that will read “There’s probably no God, now stop worrying and enjoy your life”
Whats so wrong with that?

It truly is a tempest in a teapot.

2 Responses to “So whats the big deal?”

  • Tammy Plunkett says:

    I have to agree with you on this one. 4 complaints equals 0.0005% of the population–hardly a majority.

    Canadians have the freedom to believe what they choose and the whole world should have the freedom to tell everyone what they believe.

    So, are we all supposed to fear that every car sold in Ottawa will be a Ford if an ad for the new Focus is put on the side of a bus? If a person really believes in a God what does it matter if some don’t?

    I’ll enjoy my life believing what I feel is right for me, and we should all let everyone enjoy their lives and beliefs too!

    BTW, Dwight, if you like pondering the Big Questions you should check out http://www.soulpancake.com/ A very cool and hip site enjoyable to Atheists as much as Believers!


  • Justin Kownacki says:

    I agree, but then, it isn’t my belief system that’s being challenged by that ad; it’s the belief system of the people who think any suggestion against the existence of God is an affront worthy of their time to correct.

    What’s (purposely, I suspect) ironic is that these folks will miss the larger point of the ad: whether or not God exists, life is short, so move forward and play nice. That some people refuse to do so until we all agree on one dogma is a testament to how far we *haven’t* come after all these years.

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