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PostHeaderIcon Verry scarry kiddies!

Want to get scared? Do you like being scared?
Well I have done something today that , well , quite frankly scares the shit out of me.
I decided to go back to school, full time, honestly!
Yep that’s scary.
Ok I’ll start from the beginning ,I got laid off in early December, I was enjoying the work, nothing fancy , but honest work that I felt good about at the end of the day, and best of all it payed a fare wage and it was only 2.k kilometers form home, that’s about a 5 minute drive, 8 if I had to deal with traffic . So me one very happy boy.
Then the economy tanked , shit happens, and you know how it is , last in first out.
So I was out of work , OK now what ? Time to go to the government, Employment Insurance office , hey why not.
I’ve payed my taxes and the insurance premiums , so I’m going to take advantage of anything they can help me with ,why not, that’s what they’re there for, like I said I pay my taxes.
So I found out that the Ontario government has a program called “Second Career”.
It helps folks like me get the skills to get a job in a field is in demand, oh like medical lab tec , for example.
So that’s what got me scared and excited, I haven’t been in school in 26 years!
Holy crap!
So now I have to go get the paper work filled out and sign my life away, but I things may just become a little less scary and more exiting,
I’ll let you know how things work out as I go along.

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