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Do you give blood?
If so I want to thank you .
I know that may sound cliché , but what else can you say to someone who has taken the time to do a very simple task that makes such a big difference.
You see my mother is going thought cancer , she is having a very tough time of it right now, so much so she had to be hospitalized the other day, pretty serious stuff, and more than a bit scary.
So far she has received two units of whole blood and I’m sure there will be more to follow.
Funny thing , I could almost see her color get better as the blood went into her, perhaps it was my imagination as a concerned son wanting his mother to get better , but you never know.
The plane and simple fact is that some one took the time to donate blood, they could have done it for any number of reasons, the reasons are important but the fact that you took the time to donate ,gives my mother a fighting chance, and her family hope.
To those who haven’t thought of giving blood, did you know that you can donate not only whole blood, you can also donate , plasma , platelets , stem cells and even bone marrow.
I am a blood , and platelet donor I have my reasons, and now I have one more, some one took the time to help my mother, now perhaps I will be able to do the same, yes I know its cliché, but some time life is.
Thank you for taking the time to care, I owe you .

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