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PostHeaderIcon Just another snowy day

Its Tuesday December 9th, my second full day of being unemployed, I really did want to get down to the EI (Employment Insurance)Office, but it snowed today.
Well we are having a bit if a winter storm, and the roads were pretty crappy, but the fact that it took over an hour to go from my home to Bells Conner’s. Usually this drive takes less than 10 minutes, perhaps 20 in rush hour, I figured it would take me an hour and a bit to get to the EI office, but I gave up. Yep I had enough, hell is just about 8pm and its still snowing, guess I know what I’m doing when I get up tomorrow morning ( Hint I will be using a great gas powered device!)
So I will try for round two tomorrow.
One of my biggest fears is that my last employer terminated my employment,not laid me off, that’s the phrase used on my record of employment, “terminated” , but the HR lady made it clear to me it was a lay off, so what the hell didn’t they just say so!
So I’m a bit concerned about that, it s not like I’m not trying to get a job and just take advantage of the system , sit on my ass for a year and collect money for noting.
But I would like to take advantage of any kind of retraining or education program that I may be entitled to, just saying.
Well like I said , I will try again tomorrow, got to make sure Ive got the iPod loaded, I fear it may be a long day.
Oh well at least I got the Christmas tree up today.

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