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PostHeaderIcon Life is unfair

“The fairness of unfairness is in everything’s demise” Phil Plait Death From the Skies

I have to say that just about sums it up.  Life is unfair and unjust.

As I write this my mother is in the hospital recovering from a fall brought on by the cancer treatment that cured her.

Makes a lot of sense doesn’t it.

Cancer is nasty, especially small cell lung cancer, so you need to be a equally nasty to treat it. Hit it hard and hit it fast.

Chemo  and radiation and lots of it,  but there is a trade off;  some times the cure can do damage, so do you let the cancer take you slowly or do you take the hit and  let the poisons do there thing.

Don’t kid yourself chemo and radiation are not nice, these treatments are ment to kill cells, kill and destroy cancer.

Ok I making this very simple but the fact the treatments do take a toll on the body.

In my mom’s case her balance and strength have suffered to the point she fell and is now in the hospital.

Yep unfair, also unfair is the perfect storm that hit the hospitals in Ottawa this past week that has hospitals filled to over capacity , in one case 110%.

So mom had to spend over 48 hours in the emergency room.

Bed shortages are a bane of any hospital, and throw in the fact the population is aging yep it’s a mess.

Now Im not pointing fingers and shoving the blame at any one, but maybe I should.

We all pay taxes and we all want good healthcare for ourselves and our families.

Are we willing to pay for it? Would you be willing to pay an extra $50, $100 or $1000 more a year in taxes if it ment no one had to wait.

Or would you rather have a private system where you can pay in cash and jump to the front of the line. Oh but if you can’t pay, well to bad so sad, “don’t you have health insurance?”

Im am proud that our Canadian health care system is open to all and no one has to go without, well that’s how it should be.

We need to fix the system, I don’t have the answers, but I do believe its time that we as the public stepped up and start to demand answers from the politicians and the managers that run our hospitals.

We need to support the doctors, nurses and all the front line workers. And make sure they have what is needed to do the job.

But are we willing to pay the price?

What would you do for your mother?

Not very fair at all