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PostHeaderIcon Back To School

back to schoolWell week one has come and gone, as well as week two, now I’m on week three of school.

Got to say that I’m starting to get the hang of this school thing, but the first two weeks we’re kinda of easy, it was basically you’re back in school so this is how to study and how to do home work, (there will be lots!), the second week was how to be professional and how to give a good presentation, we did two one as a group and one by ourselves.

I totally messed mine up, I froze, I got so nervous beforehand that I messed it up totally, and I think most people thought I did ok but I screwed up royally! Man was I pissed off at myself.


But I have to say I was impressed by my fellow classmates, the youngest is 18 and the oldest is closer to 50, as well as people who are traveling far and wide to take this course, one girl travels two hours every day back and forth, she may be traveling the farthest but others have a trek to do as well,and  some who  take the buss are at the mercy of the bus drivers, glad I have a car.

I just hope that the winter driving isn’t too bad this year! That’s dedication for, you sitting in a car for 4 hours a day just to go back to school; you’ve got to admire that.

The other nice thing about my class mates is attitude, well most of them any way, there are always one or two that need a kick to get going, but the majority of the class is in it for the right reasons, they want to succeed and get better jobs for themselves and I’m right there along with them.

I’ve got a lot to learn in the next three weeks, lots of fun computer stuff, some I know and some I need to learn from scratch, should be an interesting three weeks!

I’ll keep you in the loop!