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PostHeaderIcon Just a rock

There is this large rock in the field behind my house, I believe its call an erratic and if I remember my grade12 geology correctly, an erratic is a large rock or bolder that is left behind after a glacier has moved on by , I guess this one was left by the last ice age that came through here.
I see this rock every day ,any time I look out the window of my home office, and right now it is covered by a bunch of little kids.
The rock is only 4 feet hight , and maybe 12 feet long 6 wide, but to them its a great place to run and climb, and play around, I watch them and I wounder what is going on in their minds, is it a pirate ship, are they climbing the Himalayas, digging for treasure? Or is it just the simple joy of climbing a big rock?
There are a lot of people that walk the path by that rock , and soon or later every one climbs up on the rock, dogs and cats too.
The kids have it right , having fun with the simple things in life, you don’t need any fancy gear or even shoes to climb th rock, it’s just a fun thing to do.
I think at times we all start to loose our selves in the complexity of this very complex world we live in , don’t get me wrong , I love this life,the many layers and choices and options that we have , just go to my grocery store , there are at least 8 different apples and 6 kinds of tomatoes, its nice to have complexity at times, keeps things interesting.
But there are times I just need something simple, and I forget how much fun just climbing a rock can be, I guess thats what I learn looking out my window.
When life gets too complicated and there are too many choices to make , go climb a rock, I truly believe that the 5 and 6 year olds have the right idea.
Climb a rock, have cookies and milk then have a nap.
Sounds like a good day to me .
That could solve a lot of problems.Out my window

PostHeaderIcon Let sleeping cats lie

Coco's new place for after noon naps

Coco's new place for after noon naps

So its been one of those dark and raining days , the cats are sleeping in the studio so its best not to move them , that way they stay quiet and I record a show with out interruption by them, at least I hope so , perhaps choice of music this time around will let them snooze on…TO LISTEN CLICK HERE!

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