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So “they” have coined the term swine flu, bit WHO wants the media to call it H1N1, ok I understand this ,don’t want to blame the pigs for something they haven’t done, but I know people will now buy less pork ,so the price will fall, and I can get the ribs I love for less, I like it .
Ok I know I’m being silly but the above makes about as much sense as some of the  reporting I have heard in the media.
I saw  an interesting piece on the news tonight where the talk was of how the media needs to “make “a storey.
Christopher Waddell said it the best on the news tonight  on CTV Ottawa “the marketing strategy  of the media is to find big events and to keep them going as long as possible, to make that mole hill into a mountain” But the best line to me was, ” The demands of the media out grow the facts of medicine.”
Well well imagine that, the media would  stretch things to the point that things may get out of hand, go figure.
Ok so I am a bit of a cynical bastard, but at what point will the media take responsibility and report the facts, with no elaboration or crack pot theories but the right proper facts.
Perhaps it is too late and we are all doomed, doomed to a media that is more interested in the hype , ratings and the bottom line rather than making sure that people have the right information they need to make the decisions that they will need to make.
Now I’m  not saying  not  to take N1H1 seriously and treat it lightly, but don’t give in to the media hype, this could be a serious  threat , or it could be just another bad flu that kills a few people.
Good old fashioned flu, the one you get shots for , at least you should , according to the CDC “An estimated 100,000 hospitalizations and about 20,000 deaths occur each year from the flu or its complications”(Focus On The Flu: NIAID)
So where is the media on this one? I guess its just not sexy enough. “Keep digging that mole hill boys, the mountain  needs to be higher!”
Get the facts , don’t panic, and do what you mother told you to do , wash your hands and cover you mouth when you cough.
And enjoy the BBQ ribs.

PostHeaderIcon You’ve got the right to be stupid!

stupid-people-shut-up-c11751586“Endowed with a stupidity which by the least little stretch would go around the globe four times and tie.” Mark Twain

You have the right to free speech so I guess you have the right to be stupid.
Yep you have the right to be an ignorant moron and piss people off and make you self look like a total tool.
Think about it, we have in this day and age a vast mass of tools for communication, that lets us get our ideas out there to the world, we can keep in touch with just about anyone any where on this planet.
Email , texting Facebook ,Twitter and many others, but more and more what is being sent is just stupid stuff, and worse, insults and threats are not uncommon in chat rooms ,emails text messaging , and and its not just “stupid kids” its adults as well and at times are the worst!
I was going to say well educated adults but I believe if you have to lower yourself to school yard name calling and bullying I don’t consider you to be educated , nor intelligent.
Case in point, I have seen recently how some people have taken to lashing out on the Face Book page of a relative who had passed away in the past year., they are not confronting their target directly ,no they are using the Facebook page of the deceased .
Stupid cowardly moron.
You may have bitter feelings with other family members but to put that on you late relatives Facebook page, wow no respect at all, and shows a lack of intelligence.
The scary thing is this is not that uncommon, scary.
No I should have said stupid ,any one can curse or use name calling and out right lie in an attempt to get their point across, but what ends up happening is you just look like some moronic slob, opps name calling, but you get my point.
There used to be a time when insulting someone was a hight art, where you had to use your brain and whit.
Shakespeare was great at this rather than calling some one a f**k face you could say “Tine face is not worth sunburning”. If they just yap and yap and never say any thing, give them , ‘I wish my horse have the speed of you mouth!”
Or better yet why not just have a reasonable conversation , with out the name calling and the profanity, use common sense?
My wife and friends know that when I’m really and truly pissed off , I don’t curse I don’t raise my voice, I become very calm and very articulate , I make sure the other person gets my point exactly.
So what is the point of all this rambling?
Simple, we as society that can reach out and connect with any one any where, should take the time to think be for we speak out minds, rather that just spewing out crap, that way you may just get your point across without looking like a moron.