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PostHeaderIcon The year thats was, now on to better times!

This past year I will look back on with some good times, and will wish to forget the rest.
Most of the year was uneventful, but there was enough crap to put a serious downer in it at other times.
We lost our dear friend Melissa, too young too soon, her loss will be felt for a long time. But her family has had the blessings of a lot of good friends and family, that will see them thought the hard times, the pain will pass but the love will always remain.
We also found out that three of my family members have cancer, so far all are doing well but I have to say with my aunt it was touch and go for a bit , that’s why now I think I will start calling her the “Cat”, I strongly believe that she has used up one or two of her nine lives.
My mother was diagnosed with lung cancer , used to be that would have been a death sentence, but when she went to the doctor the used the word “cure” , doctors they don’t use that word easily.
My poor mother , she has stared chemotherapy and radiation therapy , and is losing her hair and feeling very tired, but she is a tough old bird, she will fight this like nothing else, having been on the receiving end of that anger when I have done something wrong, that tumor docent stand a chance.
I took her last Saturday to get a wig, I felt so bad when she had her head shaved to remove the last of her hair, poor thing, she looked so pitiful, don’t tell her that , I’ll just get in more trouble, that woman doesn’t feel sorry for her self at all!I have to give a big thanks to Helen at Alluring and Chic, she was the one that fitted mom with her new hair, and did a fantastic job, so much so I’m thinking of getting one for my self! (I said I am thinking about it !)
She had also helped my aunt out as well, and did a great job of it.
Last but never least in my family cancer trifecta, is my father in law, got to say I love this man, he’s 87 years old , walks two miles a day , and is a sharp as a whip. My wife may disagree with me ,but us fellows have got to stick together, be sides, I like it when he brings me books, Rockey just loves browsing the used book stores, and if you tell him who you like to read , the next time you see him he will have a bag of books for you, it drives my wife nuts! But hes a good man.
Well he found out he had to get a kidney removed, hads a tumor in it ,so he had it taken out last weekend, just like that ! No muss no fuss, we went to see him at the hospital the day after and he looked like he was ready to go home and go for a long walk. Not a tube or IV bag in site, not too bad for an 87 year old.
I hope I’m in that good of shape at that age.
We also got to have some fun this year , I got a new car , and I got to drive that new car quite a lot this past summer and fall, went to Kingston for PAB 2007, went to Coopers town, and got to drive up Mount Washington, ok the wife didn’t like that at all but I was thrilled, one hell of a view!

I also was finally able to quit my old job
WOO HOO!, you know the one I was always complaining about, (the one with all the security cameras) . No more long drives home, sitting and hour or two in traffic, yep my new job was great ! It was close to home, the work was interesting I got to listen to my iPod, I was treated like an adult! I say”was”, because I got laid off three weeks before Christmas, bummer, but that the way the cookie crumbles, actually it really sucks and I am bitter, and I think I “may” have a right to feel that way, ok maybe for a bit it could have been worse.
So now I’m looking to star a new career , not sure what it will be but I’m open to suggestions,.
Perhaps I’ll become a new media ,podcasting consultant ( Thats a bit if an inside joke, right Bob and Mark?)
Well thats about it, we, (my wonderful wife, who puts up with my ramblings and ravings) and I are hoping to have better year next year, we shall be taking it as it comes, because, really thats all you can do, the universe will do what it wants and we’re all just along for the ride ,oh and try to have as much fun as you can!
Be Cool!