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Archive for July, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Caint keep clean

Ok what the hell is wrong with me!
I’m 45 , (That may surprise a few of you ) and I cant seam to keep my shirts clean,
Really, I’m just doing a load of laundry right now, and I am amazed at how many food stained shirts I have!
Ok so I may not shave every day and the last tine I wore sute , or rather a tux, I was getting Married(And I looked good if I must say so !) But I do try to keep my self looking clean if not at least respectable.Except for my one or two tee shirts that have gotten me in to a bit of trouble but that’s another story.
I do try to not drop food all over the place and I believe that I am as neat as the next guy, but some how or another I do end up getting my dinner on my self.
Oh I try to be careful, I don’t over load the fork, and if the hamburger happens to be a bit drippy, I get extra napkins, but some how I end up getting stuff on me.
Perhaps that’s why my wife will laughs at me when I buy and try out the latest stain removers and special laundry vounderstuff, guaranteed to remove any stain from any think , no mater how tough or set in it is!
So now I’m trying out Oxy Clean, I think its just hyped up hydrogen peroxide, you know what makes you hair go really blond, what you put on a cut and then watch it bubble away in the wound?,
Ya that stuff, mind you in its more pure form if will burn the skin right off you and you can use it to make rocket fuel. Fun stuff.
I once spilled a 40% solution on my hand , yep it burned, and I still have a bit of a scar, OUCH!
So what is a guy to do , I will not go around eating with a bib, well maybe if lobster of ribs oar on the menu, but I just cant seam to get it right .
Perhaps this is one of those life lessons, I’m just learning how to keep clean and get the stains out,.
I’ll let you know how well the Oxy Clean stuff works, and if it dosent that Billy Zan better watch out.