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PostHeaderIcon Ok God now what ?

Ok I am going to rant , and I believe I have good reason to do so , I just lost a good friend today ,she was a wife , mother and best friend to her husband,and two young children .
All of a sudden for some reason she had a massive heart attack and never woke up. This is not fair. It never is, it sucks the big one. They were on their way home from a Florida, Disney vacation, a time for fun and happy memories. Now that will not be how it will be remembered. God had a lot of explaining to do.
Yes I am angry .
I believe I have a right to be , and I know her husband and the rest of the family will be angry too, they have more of a right to feel that way.
But they also know that they are loved, by family and friends , who dropped everything they were doing and drove 12 hours straight to be by their side. That is Love, plain and simple. Friends and family just doing what ever is needed to do. It dosent take much. Just a willingness to help.
But what I fear is the fake platitudes of those who speak of a higher power and a higher reason for this tragedy. There is no higher power or any reason for this, just bad luck.
And that what makes me so dam angry, there is no one to blame, no one to point a finger at , nothing to rant and rave at .
The anger will pass, the sorrow will last and the love we feel for those who have gone before us we hope will always be there, we need to remind our selves that life can be short and cruel, but can also be filled with wonderful people, and if they touch our lives in a way that filled our hearts, then we have a right to be angry at their passing, but let the anger fade and let the memories and love live on .
What else can we do? Anger never solved anything, but love can.