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Ok if you want some fun , and a bit of strangeness you can watch all the fun here!

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Hey sports fans!
This is a script for a rant I’ll be doing on an up coming show, let me know what you think, I’m always looking for feed back!

Ok now I am going to rant!
This is something that I”m sure will polarize any and all of my listeners, this is more divisive than sex politics and religion all rolled in to one!
I’m talking about the scourge of the 21st century , sick days and being sick at work!

Hell yes I have a very simple philosophy about this , if you are sick stay home, I don’t want your crap!

Now I’m not talking about not coming to work because you have the sniffles, no I’m talking about coughing up a lung, having a fever, being so tired you cant think, looking like something my old cat Max had dragged in , you should stay at home and take a sick day!

You are no so important that the place will fall apart with out you ! If it does you are doing a shitty job and should not be a manager! Or you manager it a twit and should get their ass fired!

You see my point is this and its really simple, I don’t want to get you crap, so if you are feeling crappy don’t come to work, stay at home, stay in bed for the day , watch TV drink lots of liquids have a snooze, do what ever you like but stay the hell away from me!

I do not want your cold or flu or pink eye, ya we had to force that guy to go home!

What are you people afraid of, you’ll get fired? No you cant they have laws for that , looking bad at work, looking like a wimp? “Oh no I have to show up and suffer at work today or no one will respect me “ Or my other favorite, and this was said to me by a manager at my work, “Be a man, and just suck it up!” A manager said that, not a good idea to say such things.

There really is this culture in many work places that you should suffer sick at work. and if you do take a day off because you are sick ,people will look down on you , I have seen people who should have been in the hospital , I’m not kidding , I know one listens to this podcast, you know who you are.

I have even heard one coworker call another “inconsiderate “ because that person stayed home, because they were sick! High fever sick!

I think there is a culture of martyrdom in the work place today, you know those people, “I’m sick , but I’m here, so I’m better and tougher than you, and you should feel sorry for me. “

No I don’t , and you are an idiot!

I do not want your illness, plane and simple, I do not want you cold or flu, or what ever, oh and getting a flu shot does not give you the flu! But it sure helps when you work with morons that think flu shots don’t work.! Did I just say that out loud?!

Ok how this for another reason to stay home, and not spreading you crap to every one in the place, what if you are like me, I have a very sick family member, they are having chemotherapy right now and is in no shape to drive them self, so as a good boy I offer to help with driving her to the hospital for her treatments, now if I get sic I cant go near her, I can not be in the same house, I’m not kidding.

Or what if you have kids, of you better half? Do you want them to be sick because “Martyr Boy “

In I.T wanted to be a tough man and spread his influenza around?

Say home! Get better, if you take one day of rest you will recover much faster than being at work and not being able to let you body heal, its not rocket science, ok its medical science, but you get my point, use common sense!

An if the fools at work think your a wimp because you didn’t come to work , well just smile to your self and think that now your rested and healthy you are and how quickly they will drop from bird flu when it finally gets here. Did I say that out loud?