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Archive for September, 2007

PostHeaderIcon You have no right to complain!

You have no right to complain if you don’t vote!
Ya it drives me nuts when people whine and bitch about the government and they don’t participate in the voting processes!
So get you but in gear and go vote, I will be on my honey moon when its voting day , so I will be casting my vote at an advance poll to gets my two cents in!

Ok I feel much better now!

PostHeaderIcon Big yellow toys!

Well I do have to kick my self in the ass, why? Go ahead ask, I’ll wait………….
(Go ahead ask!)…………………………..
I got to play with one of these, and I didn’t have a camera, and I didn’t have my recorder!
(Sound of head banging on table)
We were up in Lanark today , had to go to church and meet the minister, and take my future in laws out to lunch, to celebrate there 57th wedding anniversary , pretty cool eh! I hope I can last half that time.
So any how we did a bunch of running around stuff to do for the wedding, and we ended up at my future missus’ cousin’s (who is making her wedding dress). This cousin has a gravel pit, so, since I can’t see the dress before the day, I got to go play in the pit with her son and a BIG Volvo loader.
It was fun , but I now know why the guys that drive these things get paid what they do.
Easy to drive but hard to do right, you really need a light touch.
I just wish I had my recorder!
Could have made a great show!
That will teach me a lesson.
Always have your equipment with you !