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PostHeaderIcon Timing is everything.

Ok ,you know how “they ” say timing is everything?
Well from my point of view can agree with that.
Let me explain, I just got laid off, yep ,Friday December 5th was my last day at a job I loved , for many reasons including I got to work with people who are smart and it only took me five minutes to get to work and I got to work with lasers, cool.
So the timing thing, try this on for size, this month , we have Christmas, my mother, aunt and father in law are all undergoing treatment for cancer and I have lost my job and there are a few other things that have been an ongoing challenge for the past year, like I said it’s all in the timing, in this case bad timing.
Wow I do sound a bit whiny and bitter and perhaps I just might have a right to be , if this happened to any one else I know I would not begrudge one bit for feeling bitter, I know I am!
So the timing is the shit, nothing I can do about that , and if you want to give advice about karma or astrology or phen shy (maybe my desk is not facing the right way?)You may have to cover you ears when I give you the reality check.
What has happen in my life is totally out on my hands, bad timing is just that bad timing, bad luck, its that same as when you have good timing and good luck , same coin different side.
So I figure I have a choice, or choices, I can sit around and blame my bad luck and bad timing on whatever , Ok I can blame the economy, but again that’s just the way it is.
Or I can take advantage of a nice break to help those in my family who need an extra hand and also see what else is out there I can take advantage of to help me get in to a better job market.
So we shall see , It could have been worse.
The one big bummer was I was finally eligible for stock options (sigh)