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PostHeaderIcon Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful

Oh the weather outside if frightful…..
Well it will be later today, December 23 to be exact. Its gong to rain like mad, 25mm or a so , now it that was to be snow I would be getting real excited, that would be another 25cm or more, just what we need before Christmas. The rain I could leave, just makes things wet and cold, I’d rather have the snow.
Much to my wife’s chagrins I like winter,(she would rather have warm sand). You see there is a special magic to seeing the snow pile up, and yes I know it messes up the roads and you have to clear it off you driveway, but to see so much white and clean snow on the landscape, it touches something deep in side of me. Hey I live in Canada, in Ottawa,the winter of 70-71 we got over 435cm , I can remember the snow being higher than the house, or is that because I was much younger and shorter?
I just like the having a white Christmas, it just puts me in the right mood. Yes I have had to deal with green Christmases in the past, made me feel sorry for the kids that want to go play in the snow on Christmas day.
Nope just give me a plain old white Christmas, I don’t think I could handle living in a place that didn’t have snow for the holidays, it just doesn’t seam right.
But people do live in places that have never seen snow , hey its summer south of the equator! I guess they can play golf , or run around in shorts, different perspectives I guess.
Perhaps some day I’ll take off to Alice Springs for Christmas , just to see what it like to be in a land that has never seen snow, I think it would be good for my perspective .As long as I can be with the people I love.
I have never had to spend the Holidays away from my family, I have been very lucky that way.
So here’s hoping that you get to spend Christmas where you want to be and with who you want to be with, snow or no snow.